The Feldenkrais Methodâ„¢

Movement is the foundation of both technique and musicality. The Feldenkrais Method™, developed by physicist, engineer, and martial artist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, uses movement and the adaptability of the human nervous system to enable students and professionals alike to move with better quality, ease, and precision. Feldenkrais® group classes at Rosamunde Summer Music Academy will involve a deep and detailed exploration of basic and complex movements which will provide maximum benefit for developing, improving and refining string technique.

How will it work? Feldenkrais group classes are called Awareness Through Movement® lessons. In Awareness Through Movement lessons, a Feldenkrais practitioner teaches a group of people using a verbally guided sequence of movements. Classes often include moving, learning to notice what you feel while you move, taking frequent rests, and listening as the practitioner guides your attention. Movements can range from small, gentle and slow, to large gestures, depending on the skill that is being taught. In an Awareness Through Movement class, movements are not modeled or mimicked by the student. Instead, lessons are taught so a student has to move and explore and discover how to do it for themselves; it in many ways it models the structure of good practise habits. Students may need their instruments for some classes, because with all musical movements the ear is what ultimately defines precision and decides success. When students explore and expand their potential in Awareness Through Movement lessons, they can improve aspects their movement, attention, technique, and musicality.