Programs for Students of All Ages

Due to the increasing popularity of the program and limited spaces available, we require all participants (except Rosamundiade applicants) to submit a recording of their playing. Acceptance to the Core Program will be merit-based and competitive. Acceptance to the Mini Rosie half-day and full-day programs and Rosamundiade will be first come, first served. In addition to serving as an audition for the Core Program, your recording will help us in determining your ensemble and program placement. Recordings should be no longer than 10 minutes, display at least two contrasting pieces (or sections of one piece) and should be a good representation of your work as a soloist either with or without piano accompaniment. CD format is acceptable, although DVD format is preferred. A YouTube link may be submitted with online applications.

Core Program, August 16-25

  • 9:00-4:00PM: Cost: $900

This full-day program for advanced and intermediate level students offers a significant amount private instruction, as well as daily technique classes and regular masterclasses, accompaniment sessions, chamber music coachings and orchestra rehearsals. Yoga classes and introductory viola classes for violinists will also be offered. Students should play at a RCM Gr. 5 level or higher and be at least 10 years old. Acceptance will be based on the audition recording submitted along with the student’s application. Please see "Applications, Scholarships" for information regarding scholarships for the Core Program.

Mini Rosie, August 21-25

  • Half-day 9:00-12:00PM Cost: $250
  • Full-day 9:00-4:00PM Cost: $500

This program is geared towards beginners up to age 12. Instruction is offered in a group setting. Students will be offered daily technique and performance classes, as well as violin or cello chamber ensemble and orchestra, an introduction to music theory and ear training, as well as a yoga/stretching session and snack time. The students also learn about basic instrument upkeep and play games and songs designed to teach them good technical habits. The program is designed to get young children excited about playing, build their confidence and help them develop a peer group of like-minded students to facilitate friendship and learning.

In general, younger students (approx. 8 years old and under, and playing repertoire from Suzuki books 1 & 2, or RCM Gr. 1 and lower) will be more suited to the half-day program (9:00-12:00). The full-day Mini Rosie program (9:00-4:00) is for students who are playing at a slightly higher level (Suzuki books 3 & 4/RCM Gr. 2-5) and who are mature enough to handle a full day of instruction (generally aged 8-12), which will also include some recreation time in the afternoons. In addition to the group classes mentioned above, full day participants will have some one-on-one instruction.

Rosamundiade! Aug. 20-25

  • 7:00-10:00pm (Sun.-Thur.); 1:30-4:00pm (Fri.) Cost: $300

One of the unique aspects of Rosamunde is the inclusion of a five-evening chamber music program for adult amateur string players. Participants will be assigned to two chamber ensembles which will work with a faculty member to prepare for a performance on the final day of the program (both individuals and pre-formed groups are welcome to apply). Rosamundiade participants are also invited to audit any Core Program group session occurring during the day, and to participate in technique classes. Private lessons may be arranged by request for an additional cost.