2018 Programs

Programs for Students of All Ages

Rosamunde offers a tailored, high calibre musical learning experience in an idyllic and nurturing setting. In addition to our Core, Mini Rosie and Rosamundiade programs, the 2018 Academy will offer two new programs! Geared toward University students interested in gaining teaching experience mentored by Rosamunde faculty, students accepted into the Teaching Fellowship program will receive a full tuition scholarship. For youngsters showing enthusiasm for string instruments, a new three-day, one-hour Baby Rosie program is now available. 

Please see program descriptions below and “Applications” for application requirements.

The Rosamunde Festival (August 17-19), now celebrating its 5th Anniversary, features our internationally-renowned faculty in three concerts of solo and chamber music repertoire. The significant number of student recitals that we offer also comprises a vital part of the Festival. All concerts are open to the public and free for Rosamunde participants!



Core Program, August 15-24

  • 9:00-4:00PM: Cost: $900

For advanced and intermediate level students aged 10-24 playing at a minimum level of RCM grade 5. Rosamunde's Core program offers a significant amount of private instruction, accompaniment sessions, daily technique and master classes, as well as chamber music coachings and orchestra rehearsals. To help our students further cultivate their physical comfort while playing, group movement classes in the Feldenkrais Method™ will round out the daily schedule. 

A limited number of scholarships (including the Mary & Gerald Stanick Viola Scholarship) will be available for students applying to the Core program.

Mini Rosie, August 20-24

  • Half-day 9:00-12:00PM Cost: $250
  • Full-day 9:00-4:00PM Cost: $500

This program is geared towards beginners age 12 and younger. Students will learn about basic instrument upkeep and participate in daily technique and performance classes, violin or cello ensemble and string orchestra. The program is designed to get young children excited about playing, teach them good technical habits, build their confidence and help them develop a peer group of like-minded students for friendship and learning. 

In general, younger students (approx. 8 years old and under, and playing repertoire from Suzuki books 1 & 2, or RCM Gr. 1 and lower) will be more suited to the half-day program (9:00-12:00). Mornings will include a snack time and this summer we are introducing a percussion class!

The full-day Mini Rosie program (9:00-4:00) is recommended for students who are playing at a slightly higher level (Suzuki books 3 & 4/RCM Gr. 2-5) and who are mature enough to handle a full day of instruction (generally aged 8-12). Afternoons will include chamber music, theory games, recreational  time and some one-on-one instruction.

Baby Rosie, Aug. 15-17

  • 9:00-10:00am Cost: $50

Have you always wanted to see if your child would enjoy playing a string instrument? Try out the violin or cello with Mini Rosie director Andrea Bell for an hour of fun introduction to the world of strings! No prior playing experience required, recommended age is 4-6. We will provide the instruments.

Rosamundiade! Aug. 20-25

  • 7:00-10:00pm (Sun.-Thur.); 1:30-4:00pm (Fri.) Cost: $300

One of the unique aspects of Rosamunde is our five-evening chamber music program for adult amateur string players. Participants will be assigned to two chamber ensembles which will work with a faculty member to prepare for a performance on the final day of the program. Individuals and pre-formed groups are encouraged to apply. Rosamundiade participants are also invited to audit any Core program group session occurring during the day, and to participate in technique classes. Private lessons may be arranged by request for an additional cost.

Teaching Fellowships, August 15-24

  • 9:00-4:00pm Cost: Full Tuition Scholarship awarded with acceptance. (3-5 positions)

This new program is designed to encourage the next generation of string educators, providing the opportunity to teach with mentorship from Rosamunde's excellent faculty. Fellows will participate in most of the Core Program classes with the exception of orchestra. This will allow for more chamber music rehearsal time and teaching observation. Teaching Fellows will have the opportunity to teach Mini Rosie students and receive feedback from Rosamunde faculty members. Applicants should be 18 years or older, preferably studying performance or string education at a university level and comfortable with working with young children. 

Applicants who have applied to this program will automatically be considered for the Core program should they not be awarded a Teaching Fellowship.